Hello and Hello...

Welcome to our humble blog that will follow the misadventures of very average camping, hiking/rambling enthusiasts based out of Oxford. We will blog on camping trips, latest hikes, equipment reviews and whatever takes our fancy...

About the Ramblers

So who are we?

Well, we are a collection of misfits that have gathered in Oxford and nearby for one reason or another but are joined by one shared passion - Camping and Rambling or hiking as it is more commonly known.

Our blog was initially set-up to support our Three Peaks Challenge and to raise sponsorship, but while that is still the case, we hope our blog will become a well read resource for all things camping, hiking and more importantly rambling.

And here is the team:

Hugh Evans - Average hiker who enjoys basketball and knitting. He also enjoys squash despite being poor at it. Hugh is a size 8 shoe and 15in collar.

Rachel Crane - Traveller extraordinaire, recently back from a 4 month hike around South America, Rachel enjoys walking and tennis and has a lethal forehand, which I am sure will come in handy when we are climbing.

James Gottfried - What this man has not done is not worth doing. Enjoying the finer things in life you can be sure that there will be designer apparel present during our challenge. James also enjoys sandals.

Greig Barclay - Overly hairy Scotsman that enjoys a variety of activities. Known for saying "you know" after every sentence and keen viewer of Midsomer Murders.

Iain Matthews - Iain enjoys cricket and has been known to dabble in softball, two key attributes when taking on the Three Peaks. He is also a size 10 shoe and comes from Kettering.

Chris Randall - Our most qualified team member having recently climbed two of the three peaks. Chris plays various sports including bass guitar, so he should add some rhythm to our march. Chris’s love of the outdoors stems from a time when he lost his house keys for a week.

From Left to Right: James, Chris, Iain, Hugh, Rachel and Greig...

So there you have it... We hope you enjoy our blog