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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Singi... Walking in the rain

As I start to write this it appeared that the rain was about to cease, making what i was going to write seem a bit out of tune, but alas it is not so, the heavens have once again opened and from the window I can see huge lumps of water splashing off my car, what is more worrying is that I can also see that I left a window open, back in a moment...

Only minimal dampness so all is ok. Maybe there is a meerkat sorry market for waterproof car seats or interiors? well convertables perhaps, although that would just leave huge puddles of water in the car, so a draining system would be required, just a random thought.

But on to the point at hand, is it popular to go hiking in the rain, and i mean heavy rain like it is now in south Oxforshire? I am not talking about going off hiking when there is still sun in the sky, i mean heading off when it is bucketing it down, i have seen people do it! Would be interesting to know and to find out what gear they take with them, but most importantly why they do it? There is information out there on how to prepare for rain when hiking, The Sideroad and Two-heel Drive offer solutions and SF Hiker examiner tell us how to enjoy it but that was all I could find in my two minute search. Maybe a niche to tap into.

Anyhow, with all the technology and clothing that is now available claiming to be breathable, water and wind proof it would not surprise me to see people going out in all conditions to test out the claims of their new gear. We will be doing the same with our V-Lite boots, putting the ion-mask technology into action but to purely go hiking when it is pouring down still seems a bit out there.

Or maybe it is not, as the weather in the UK now seems to be turning into a pepetual shower perhaps these rain hikers are ahead of the game and are planning for what is about to come. They go hiking in the rain so that on those occasions when sun becomes cloud and cloud turns to drizzle before finally setting into a downpour they can whip out their waterproof gear that they took with them while the rest of us try to shelter under a tree.

So the note to self here is always, no matter what the weather, plan for rain.

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